This series of photocollages is about surrender. The willingness to stand in the dark unknown yields an unexpected gift. Here it is a feather, a blessing of beauty and a promise of flight.

These pieces began years ago. As a new mother, I had limited time in the studio. Exhausted, all I craved was something simple and tactile. I took out my needle and thread and stitched bits of archival tissue paper together. I did not know why. I just needed to mend something delicate.

A few years later, after my second my child was born, I heard one of my favorite authors, Terry Tempest Williams, speak of birds, flight, and the sacredness of nature. Inspired by her words, I came home and made photographs using my own body to articulate the tension between freedom and nesting, receiving and letting go.

Later, when I printed those images on transparencies, I found the stitched tissue to be a perfect underlayer. It acts as a reminder that no matter how life tears us apart, somehow we endure and find our way back to wholeness again. Layered under the tissue are maps and handwritten texts that evoke the complexity of lived experience.

Today, these collages remind me that darkness is vast, that my journey will never be crystal clear, and yet there is still an inexplicable and brilliant grace that surrounds us all.

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Technical Notes


All works in this series are mixed media collages created with photographic transparencies layered over maps, texts and stitched tissue.

All works are unique and are sold framed.