These images come from a quiet place and a desire to play. I built simple constructions into bottles, and, like puppets, they performed under foglight against a backdrop of old maps and botanical drawings. They aim not to tell a story, but to evoke a mood or a state of mind.

In creating these still lives, I embraced the distortions caused by shooting through glass. In this way, the tension between internal space and external space is heightened, referencing how we all see the world through our own lens, sometimes clearly…other times aslant.

Words hover above these images, but do not land. Instead I title them by numbers to leave their mute mystery intact.


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Technical Notes

All the still lives in this series were created and photographed on my studio deck, as pictured here.

The final prints are archival pigment prints created at Electric Works in San Francisco under my direction. They were outputted on an Epson 9800 printer with an Ultrachrome K3 Inkset on acid-free 100% cotton paper (300 gms) with no optical brighteners.

They are printed in editions of ten.

Each print is 8 inches across with torn edges.