These images are grounded in place. Coastal Marin County in Northern California has been a source of comfort and inspiration for me for over thirty years. By bottling images of this area and then re-photographing them against a field of blackness, I isolate and transform them into touchstones of an inner territory that is simultaneously wild and peaceful.

The word “sanctuary” connotes both a personal space of refuge, and a protected wilderness area. These precious places, whether internal or external, each benefit from a certain containment in order for them to be preserved and thrive.


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Technical Notes

This series began by photographing the natural world within five miles of my home in Muir Beach, CA. The images were then outputted on an Epson 2200 and bottled in mineral oil – many of these bottled photographs became part of the Bottle Dreams series.

To create the prints for the Sanctuary series, I photographed the bottle sculptures against black velvet. The darkness surrounding each bottle enhanced the sense of wonder and timelessness. The final archival pigment prints were made at Electric Works under my direction, using an Epson 9800 printer with an Ultrachrome K3 Inkset on Moab Entrada Natural White acid-free 100% cotton paper (300 gms) with no optical brighteners.

Most prints in this series are 16.5 x 11 inches on a larger sheet that measure 19.5 x 13.5 inches.