Artist Talk by Mary Daniel Hobson

This 15-minute video features an artist talk by Mary Daniel Hobson given at her solo exhibition at Gallery 291 in Mill Valley, CA in November 2014. Hobson discusses her background in photography, her switch to mixed media and her six series of works on display at the gallery.

In the series Mapping the Body, Hobson used layered collage to explore the emotions and experiences housed in the body. This was followed by the Milagros series in which she photographed people’s arms and asked them to write a wish for a positive change or miracle and then created artworks as visual affirmations of each wish. Her work shifted to sculpture with the Bottle Dreams series, in which photographs and other texts are bottled in mineral oil as a metaphor for the fluid and fragmentary nature of memory. She began using still life photography to express emotional states of mind in two print series, Sanctuary and Evocations.
 Her most recent collages explore the initiation of motherhood and the benevolence that can be found in darkness.

Uniting all of this work is a strong appreciation for the tactile and the symbolic. There is also an embedded belief that artwork can convey the complexity of our psychological existence and help us make sense of and navigate an ever shifting world.

Many thanks to Steve Wynn at Bayside Entertainment for his filming and editing.