“New ideas always find me this way way, ramshackle, delightful, and unexpected. And I am convinced that ideas are everywhere, like wild daisies, there for the picking. We all have access. Anyone can snag the corner of an idea and give it a tug, pulling down from the firmament some fragment of greatness. It’s not a lack of ideas that stops us from creating great work; it’s that we make too many excuses and lack the courage to dream thing real. It’s that having the guts to yank an idea out of the ether and toss it into a cycle of rapid prototyping, drafting and revising requires focus and risk. The creative process is always an encounter with the unknown, and demands a willingness to veer off course and be transformed.” – Christina Rosalie from A Field Guide To Now

New ideas are finding me. I am working with them, chipping away and bringing them into form like the new series of prints in progress pictured here on my studio work table. I am practicing diligence and patience. And I am feeling very blessed to have the capacity – the space and the time (though I always crave more) – to take my visions and make them tangible and real.