Bookshelves_squareThe exhibition at Gallery 291 is officially over, but a selection of about 40 pieces can still be found in the smaller gallery there through December 24th. The show was such a high point for me personally. Never before have I had so much work – over 100 pieces spanning 18 years – up at the same time. I saw new threads and connections. It was really clear to me how much I love the tactile and working with actual objects and layers. Many of my newer pieces could be done with Photoshop, but that would eliminate the process of working with my hands at my work table, which is really where all the creative magic happens for me.

I also saw how I have consistently worked with certain kinds of materials – maps, tissue, handwriting, bottles, fish hooks, needles and more – to the point that they have become almost my own visual language. It was just really gratifying to see the relationships between my earlier work and my current work.

I am so grateful to Ed Carey at Gallery 291 for giving me this opportunity. A big thanks also to everyone who came out and saw the show. Today I am basking in the grace and support of this experience.